About Me

Hi, I’m Gy.

I officially opened this website in February 2020, when I turned 25 years old. This has been a cherished project for five years. Actually, I’ve loved writing since I was a kid and I’ve been planning blogs for other things before. And then in July 2015, I met a life changing point that made me want to take “dating” as the center of the content.

I’ve liked girls since second grade. However, I just dare to stand and watch her from afar, dare not show up, silently steal the memory of the night of dreaming me like a fool who loves me coming to shore. Going through the years of puberty, going through my teens, I have a secret wish: “If only a girl liked me well?”. And from that point of view, I changed the way I looked at myself, looked at women and looked at life: “Not only does a girl like me, but there are a lot of girls out there who like me.”

Have I ruined this game? Not yet, it’s a long way off. Only now I understand the rules better and play better.

Play the game, know the rules.

Hey hey hey! Are you stealing my story?

Gy: Sorry?. The above story is about Giang. And I’m Gy, Giang’s master.

Jiang: Hi friends. I’m so dreamy and ?? ♂️. I’m fascinated by the feelings of joy, up and down like walking on roller coasters that dating loves women.

Gy: I helped Giang in The Emotional Reasoning, and I can help you too.

Giang: Don’t believe what it says.

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