Affiliate Marketers

If you like my content, you want to share them with more people, why don't you let me thank you with the real things?

Gy's Contributors

If you find the path I'm on is also in line with your self-development orientation, why don't we go the same way?

Giang's Candidates

It's not that it's good to work in a niche like this, it's a great world. If you have worked as a manager and want to jump jobs, you need the headhunt for yourself, I can help you. (And the love matchmaking needs further consideration).

Jiang Gy's Mentors

The world is too wide and there are many places I have not come, the sea of large waves players are afraid of rain falling. From hard skills to soft skills, from thinking to combat, if you see me needing to add that, I'm willing to learn and pay my tuition.

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