Consulting is a 1:1 emotional counseling service where you and I chat about YOUR PROBLEM.

Let's talk about YOUR PROBLEM

If you're ?

Feeling self-deprecating without a piece of love squeezed shoulders

Silently stealing a girl without knowing how to conquer

Bored of love because they encountered unsymed love

And you want ?

There are not only 1 but 2, 3 and a lot of girls like you

Re-liked by the girl you're after

Find the excitement for a love life

So you'?

Get comments from friends and family

Imitate actions in songs, movies, and Youtube

StudyIng East and West Studies, studying every document found on dating and love

But you are ☹️

Friends and family don't understand you, they even laugh at you

Songs, movies and Youtube are far from your story

Expert documents and advice are generally general and difficult to apply

I understand that ?

Asking for advice on dating and love is the hardest thing in the world

Entertainment products often exaggerate reality, they are for entertainment, not for education

Expert advice on books and social media is advice for a large audience, not just for your story

So are my tips and lessons on websites and social networks. They're based on my story.
Let me have a chance to listen to your story. I will offer my own solutions to that case.

I have helped many ?

Re-evaluate their SMV (sexual market value) so that they are more confident

Have a more positive view of their own love and emotional life

Know what you should say, what to text, what to do for each situation they are in

Gy's Consulting - Review

So, let's ??

You will be the client – client, I will be the consultant – the consultant

We're going to have a different emotional counseling session.

The difference lies in how I ask questions, how to listen, and how to give advice

You will have a good-money experience.

Are you ready to SCHEDULE a consultation with me?

Using this service, you may believe that ? ♂️

Your story is heard and not judged

With my questions, you can better understand yourself and have a solution to your problem

Get easy-to-understand advice from my 5+ years of practical experience and book review

But you shouldn't expect ? ♂️

Immediately solve your lack of information

Instantly text magical messages that make the girl you secretly fall in love with

Instantly able to get acquainted, successfully date and have a rich emotional life

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