Dating is the journey of emotion.

Do you often explain your emotions?

If emotions are floods, I’ll write about dikes, the dikes of mind.
Hi, I’m Gy.
I write about dating, self-development, and more.
From pickup, flirting, dating, sex to relationships.
From techniques in communicating with women to thoughts of being a man.
From the love affair between men and women to the story of men standing on earth. 
And from theories to real stories.

There is always a hero on the keyboard. It is harder to walk out in real life and be an ordinary person.

Have you ever participated in an event where you learned dating skills?

It can be a seminar where your stories can be heard and helped,
or a course/workshop that you can learn theories and practice with models,
or a bootcamp where you are instructed to pick up strange girls,
or a debate where you protect your viewpoint in love and sex,
it can also be a private party where you will be introduced to quality girls.
I organize those events.

The more experiences we have, the less judgement we show

Gy's Consulting


Consulting is a 1:1 consulting service where you and I talk about YOUR PROBLEM such as you haven’t stepped into your dating life yet, you are secretly crush on a girl or you get bored of love.

Gy's Bootcamp


Bootcamp is a real training service where I will guide you to play the Pickup Game and Dating Game. A very manly experience is waiting for you.

Where you can discuss with my bros

There are my dating stories

There are my short quotes

There are my events’ records

There are compilations of my talking and gaming videos

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