Bootcamp is a real training service where I will guide you to play pick up games and dating games.

Enough theory, LET'S PRACTICE

If you're ?

Know too many theories about flirting with girls with too little experience in practice of flirting, dating, and making love

Go to know many people without reaping the worthy results: contact, instadate, ons

Mostly know girls online, rarely catch girls on the street or at parties

And you want ?

Apply internet listening theories to reality to see if they say it's true

Have experiences of flirting, getting acquainted, dating strange and bold so as not to waste a boy's life

Bravely overcome the fear of rejection, the fear of being looked at when catching strange girls in public places

So you'?

Step on the walking street yourself, go to the club bar to practice getting acquainted

Invite friends to come along to support each other for fear and loneliness

Experience unpleasant sensations like being stiff in front of a beautiful girl and be humiliated when rejected by her

But you are ☹️

Can't afford to imitate the sayings and actions of idol YouTubers

Don't have friends who can help you get over the limits

Can not overcome the unpleasant feelings I encounter when catching strange girls

I understand that ?

Same flirting sentence but if you do not know how to say it, it will not bring good results

Not many men are willing to get acquainted and date regularly

The feeling of humiliation at being rejected by a daughter is an unpleasant feeling but it deserves to be experienced

I'm still on that journey. It's just that I'm ahead of you. Let me take my hand to just, lead you out to practice acquaintance, flirting, partying, dating. You will enjoy unprecedented experiences.

I have helped many ?

Realize that you can know your daughter anywhere and write your own How I Met Your Mother story

Understand your emotions and how to adjust your emotions to integrate into different environments

Know what to change in your speaking, position, actions, and plans to have a successful pick-up or date

Bootcamp Review 2
Bootcamp Review 1

So, let's ??

You will be the coachee – the student and I will be the coach – the coach

We're going to have really good training sessions.

The basics lie in how I build a bootcamp plan based on your desires, strengths and weaknesses

You will have a molting experience when standing at the line between fear and longing, a very MANly experience

Are you ready to SCHEDULE a training with me?

(The concept of "man" would be meaningless if there were no women around him)

Using this service, you may believe that ? ♂️

Be open to your eyes, do crazy things and have a memorable experience

With my plan, you will not be overwhelmed when entering a new environment and meeting beautiful girls

Learn easy-to-understand experiences from practical experience and learn books in my 5+ years

But you shouldn't expect ? ♂️

It is immediately possible to completely eliminate the fears that have existed in you for a long time

Instantly becomes the focus of the gaze and is a magnet that appeals to girls

Instantly get a legendary night you've always imagined

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